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Development of the Psyche's Immunity

Development of the Psyche's Immunity

The Governing Board of the European Association for Counselling are arranging another of their successful webinar series.

Part of the discussion on the Development of the Psyche's Immunity will include

Frustration Tolerance and Dealing with Uncertainty.

To aid the perspective of different aspects;

Counsellors from around Europe will relate their views.

Dr Dirk Rohr from Germany, will be talking about the Videobased Counselling Method Marte Meo – Development of Parent's and Children's Psyche’s Immunity.

Ivana Paunovic from Serbia, will be talking about: Frustration tolerance (the immunity of the psyche) and Initiative (the actuator of the psyche)

Without well-developed frustration tolerance, a person is not immune to inevitable life frustrations. Hence, work and love capabilities are underdeveloped, and a person cannot stand to work and or to relate to others under pressure.

 Without the maturity of initiative, a person is reactive, without the key for their psychological engine. A person with underdeveloped initiative needs someone else to get her move forward. They are afraid to independently commit themselves to a goal and stand for it.

Dr. Dirk Rohr - short bio:    

I am a counsellor and scientist at the faculty of humanities at the University of Cologne, where I head the area of counselling research and the Center for Advanced Teaching and Learning. I have been member of the scientific committee of the German association for counselling ("Deutsche Gesellschaft für Beratung (DGfB)"); this position is currently suspended while I am member of its executive board. Since April 2017 I am also member of the Governing Board of the European Association of Counselling (EAC). Since April 2019 I am the President of the EAC.  I am an author and publisher of 11 books concerning counselling, teaching and learning.

Ivana Paunovic – Bio:

 Psychologist, psychotherapist, educator, psychological counselor.

Supervisor and educator /  integrative psychodynamic method / in the field of counseling, psychotherapy, life and business coaching.

Member of the Governing Board / European Association for Counselling (EAC)

Member: EMCC-Sr. European Council for Coaching and Mentoring Serbia, EMCC-Serbia, Center for Integrative Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Counseling and Coaching.

Creates and leads numerous workshops, lectures and seminars in the field of psychology and psychotherapy, on the topics of communication, leadership, personal development, ability to love and work, psychology of success, etc.

Makes accredited coach licensing programs. Educator of shorter forms of certified education in the field of communication skills and personal development skills. Moderator and implementer of personal development seminars, intended for teachers and professors , accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

She participated in projects and research at the Institute of Psychiatry in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Institute for Addiction, Dreiserova, Belgrade, as well as the Institute for Addiction, Gornjacka, Belgrade and others. Participant of the UNICEF project - psychological help for children and families.

Author of numerous psychological contents for the social and TV media.

She conducts psychotherapy, coaching and counseling work with adults, couples, children, adolescents and groups.